What's New in HPD Builder: Updated HPD Open Standard Version 2.3 is the Effective Version as of September 7, 2023

On September 7, 2023, the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) released an update to the HPD Open Standard v2.3, first published on May 12, 2022. For a summary of the 2.3 updates, and to download the new version of the 2.3 Standard, go to our website:  https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/hpd-2-3-standard

On September 7th, 2023, the implementation of the updated Version 2.3 was completed in the HPD Builder. HPDs completed under v2.3 or previous versions of the HPD Open Standard will remain valid through their existing expiry dates. As of September 7, 2023, all newly published HPDs will be using Updated HPD Version 2.3.

The HPD Builder ensures conformance to the Updated HPD Open Standard 2.3. Users who need to update records created with previous versions can update to v2.3 within the HPD Builder.

Key new features of the Updated HPD Open Standard v2.3 are:

    • Anti-Microbial Reporting Responding to user demands, HPDC has incorporated a uniform reporting method for substances with antimicrobial properties intentionally added to building products. Manufacturers can now provide optional reporting on HPDs for these substances, streamlining the disclosure process and eliminating the need for individual reporting methodologies.
    • Social Equity Location Indicator: Recognizing the significance of location in assessing social equity practices within supply chains, HPDC has integrated a powerful tool that leverages various databases related to location-based information. This tool enables manufacturers to gain insights into their supply chain performance. In the future, HPD users can utilize it to apply for certifications based on social equity indicators.
    • Product Type Field: To enhance product specificity and improve searchability, HPDC has introduced a comprehensive product type field. This feature provides a translation of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) numbers, making it easier for users unfamiliar with CSI classifications to understand the products' characteristics.
    • New Section for reporting Polymers: HPDC recognizes the importance of educating manufacturers and their supply chains about the hazards associated with polymers. Hazards related to polymers can be complicated and confusing. To address this, HPD v2.3 includes a reporting methodology for polymers without a Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS RN), ensuring thorough disclosure of polymer-related hazards.
    • ChemFORWARD: As part of HPDC's commitment to supporting optimization in the built environment, HPD v2.3 introduces ChemFORWARD as an additional listing. This innovative addition not only highlights hazards but also provides information on safer alternatives. By promoting the adoption of safer alternatives, HPDC aims to drive healthier and more optimized choices within the industry.
    • Weight Quality Check: Data quality on HPDs continues to be a priority at HPDC. The newest quality check feature introduced will calculate the percentage of weight of materials and substances in an HPD to ensure the HPD has been filled out accurately. This will help guide new HPD creators and provide another check for experienced HPD creators.
    • Program Pre-Check: The new program pre-check features allow for an automated review of pre-defined criteria in an HPD. Many HPD users are familiar with the LEED pre-check feature. In this update, HPDC will be releasing additional programs with the pre-check features. HPDC's goal is to provide an automated solution for HPD creators to participate in other organization's requirements.

For questions and technical assistance using HPD v2.3 and HPD Builder, please visit the HPDC Support Portal

What is HPD Builder?

  • A web-based application to create, publish and manage HPDs
  • Designed to support full compliance with HPD Open Standard Version 2.3 requirements and capabilities
  • Uses HBN Pharos Chemical Material Library (CML) to provide reliable substance and hazard information
  • Authoritative method for “publishing” HPDs to the HPD Public Repository

Major Benefits and Features

  • Assists manufacturers in preparing HPDs compliant with HPD Open Standard 2.3
  • Reduces data entry duplication and errors
  • Simplifies HPD creation and publishing processes
  • Enables permission-based access to manufacturers HPD by suppliers and consultants
  • Includes provision for confidential business information, with option to disclose Hazards without identifying substance name or CASRN
  • Provides automated data exchange with Toxnot

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