What’s New in the HPD Builder?

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) released HPD Open Standard v2.2 on May 7, 2019. For a summary of the 2.2 changes, and to download the full 2.2 Standard, go to our website: https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/hpd-2-2-standard

The current Builder represents the implementation of this newest and most advanced version of the HPD Open Standard. HPDs completed under v2.1.1 or previous versions of the HPD Open Standard will remain valid through their existing expiry dates.

  • The Builder ensures conformance to HPD Open Standard 2.2
  • The primary change is the addition of the Supplier HPD functionality.
  • Manufacturers can now request information from their suppliers through the Supplier Platform, where the supplier can complete and submit the requested information, so the manufacturer can then add the information to their Product HPD.
  • A new field "Material Type" has been added to provide a broad classification of materials based on chemical makeup and molecular structure. Manufacturers will select from a list of options to enable the most accurate classification describing a material. The purpose of this field is to help HPD users gain a picture of what kinds of materials they are working with and how the product fits together.
  • The "Role" field is changing to "Substance Role". Previously this field allowed free text entry of the manufacturer’s description of the role a substance played in the product described by the HPD report. Manufacturers will now select from a drop-down list with dozens of possible terms such as binder, antimicrobial, flame retardant, catalyst, preservative, etc. This change will provide more consistency across HPDs and provide more useful information for HPD users.
  • Builder Instructions have been updated to reflect the changes in the HPD Open Standard v2.2 Instructions.
  • The Builder HPD display and PDF output for publication reflect the format and content changes specified in the v2.2 Standard.
  • The completeness check and LEED® Pre-Check Indicator have been updated to reflect the other changes to the Builder.

What is HPD Builder?

  • A web-based application to create, publish and manage HPDs
  • Designed to HPD Open Standard 2.2 requirements
  • Uses HBN Pharos Chemical Material Library (CML) to provide reliable substance and hazard information

Major Benefits and Features

  • Assists manufacturers in preparing HPDs compliant with HPD Open Standard 2.2
  • Reduces data entry duplication and errors
  • Simplifies HPD creation and publish processes
  • Leverages Pharos CML database by CAS RN or substance name
  • Enables permission-based access to manufacturers HPD by suppliers and consultants
  • Includes option to disclose Hazards without identifying substance IP

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